Buying a new property is always exciting, but it can become a massive headache as problems mysteriously begin to appear. Know exactly what you are buying and negotiate a fair offer by choosing an inspection from Field Inspection Group. Keep in mind that an appraisal and an inspection are not the same — in fact, an appraisal will not examine the building for any deep-rooted issues or concerns.

Field Inspection Group takes a close look around your future property and presents you with a detailed report of any issues we may find. Along with the knowledge of your current homes condition, an inspection allows you to confidently negotiate a purchase price.

We are passionate about assisting Arizona residents in the home buying process. Allow us to help you research your potential home before you make a life-changing investment. The more you know about your property, the better equipped you are to make a confident decision. Reach out to Field Inspection Group today to get started.


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