Many people know how important it is to get an inspection before they purchase a home, but what about selling one? All sellers should consider an inspection before they even list their home in order to prepare for the process ahead. Here at Field Inspection Group would be happy to perform this inspection on your Arizona property and set you up for success during your future transaction.

Choosing a seller’s inspection can actually save you money in the long run. When issues show up in the buyer’s inspection report, they have a reason to request the property at a lower price. If you make the fix yourself, this issue can be avoided. Also, when your home is in the best possible condition, it can expedite the selling process. While you may find some dealbreaker issues during your inspection, you can still set yourself up for success by communicating concerns ahead of time to your potential buyers.

Be a trustworthy seller. Prepare for potential problems. Close quickly and with confidence — for the best possible price. Your buyers will thank you, and you can rest easy knowing you did your part to provide the best possible outcome.