Protect your home with a warranty, or entice buyers who can rest assured that their new Arizona home is covered in the event of damages. A warranty inspection ensures that everything is working as it should. Later on, if any issues are found, the cost of repairs or replacement is usually covered by the warranty.

And, if your warranty is set to expire on your home, it would be our pleasure to see if there are any issues to handle before that expiration date arrives. Just because you aren’t aware of them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Even those of you with new homes should receive an inspection — don’t allow a contractor’s mistakes cost you thousands in repairs. Reach out to Field Inspection Group today to learn how we can help.


Those of you hoping to buy a house need to know that your investment will be protected. Ensure your warranty covers the right parts of the house by choosing a warranty inspection before making the decision to buy.

Field Inspection Group proudly offers incredible customer service and unparalleled results. Get in touch with us to receive an estimate!